Designed to organize


The Method Tattoo System currently consists of two main modular organizational systems. One for above your workstation and one to help organize the drawers within your workstation.

The one above your workstation works off of a slat wall system. We have 4 different size slat walls that can be stacked vertically, horizontally and/or diagonally so that they can accommodate any workspace. Once you've selected the size of the designated space you'd like to use you can then figure out what you'd like to store within that space. We offer 4 different sized Ink Shelves to help organize your ink so that you can make better decisions when selecting your palette. We also offer Basic Shelves which can be placed within the slat wall system to provide a place for you to put various necessities like your Needles, Tubes, Stencil Stuff, Numbing spray, etc.

The System that we've created to help you organize your drawers consists of dividers. The dividers were created to fit perpendicularly within one another to separate your drawer space. We also created a couple different connectors to enhance the amount of options you have when organizing your drawers. We have a linear connector that was created so that you could connect two dividers side by side to make one long divider. We also created a T connector so that you can connect two dividers in the shape of a T. Between these two connectors, and the ability to break off individual sections of the dividers, the options to organize are endless.

We hope you enjoy the systems that we have created and if you have any suggestions, ideas, and/or questions feel free to email us here. Also, hashtag us at #methodtattoosystem so we can see how you have utilized our products.